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  • Dear All -

    We are ready to launch our first Dojo coming Saturday… we plan to do 3 HTML, 3 Scratch and 3 Python simple projects + Raspberry Pi walk through… I was wondering if there is any suggestions/thoughts/things to consider etc for the first session.

    I have gone through the organizer resources, tips all but if you additional experience/advice from your first sessions - specially around under/over attendees, keeping the interest on etc. or any other piece of advice that you can share would be greatly appreciated.



  • It looks like you had no replies :( but I assume you went through with your plans. We are trying to start a new Dojo, so I am in the same boat you were earlier in the year. How have things been going? What problems have you run into?

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    Thanks for reigniting this topic :) Sounds great @Kevin, where are you hoping to start your new Dojo?

    You can find a flyer with space to add details about your Dojo here, if you want to help promote it in your local area. There are also free Dojo resources available here that can help.
    Hi @sudhir-upadhyay, how has you Dojo been going? Here is a cool plan, run, review Dojo guide that you might find useful, which the image below summarizes >>

    alt text

  • @Nuala-Nic-Éil We are in the small southwest Texas town of Del Rio. Our nearest neighbor Dojo is 3 hours away in San Antonio (I will be talking with them!). As for the physical location, our branch campus of Sul Ross State University has given me permission to use a classroom. I’m going to have an initial meeting in 2 days to explain the program to interested Ninjas and their parents, and hopefully I will get a lot of feedback as to what direction they want to take. I myself am not a coder, but I think I understand enough to get it off the ground.

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    Hi @Kevin - when we first started the Docklands Dojo we thought it better to just come in with an idea for content to do. It helps mentors feel comfortable with it beforehand if they haven’t been in a mentoring role before. Also sometimes on the first session kids may not know the types of things they can create so starting with HTML Sushi to build a website or perhaps the beginner Scratch sushi (or both!!) then they will definitely tell you what they want to create once they have ideas and know the endless possibilities technology can offer :) It’s awesome getting the kids involved!

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    @Kevin Hi Kevin! Sounds great. It will be great to have a Dojo in your local area for the kids there. It might be a good idea to get those who agree to mentor or even some interested parents to try out the free E-learning modules as well so they can get an idea of what is involved. :slight_smile:
    Let us know how the first meeting goes!

    Also this video about mentoring at a Dojo that might be useful as well :D

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