Creating pins for badges - anyone have high resolution vector files?

  • Hi,
    USB belts are a little pricey for my dojo, so we were thinking about getting 1" pins printed for different skills - so, in addition to electronic badges, we could give them actual pins. They could be worn on lanyards in the dojo as a fun, inexpensive recognition, and also help new kids know who might know the answer to questions…

    We were planning to create pins for Scratch, Raspberry Pi, etc. My problem is I need high resolution vector files - and we can’t get high resolution images from the web. We don’t have anyone with great artistic skills to draw up unique designs.

    I was wondering if anyone already had artwork of this quality that we could use for pins? Or, if the dojo team looking at badges has reached out to Scratch, Raspberry Pi, etc for high resolution images that we can reuse in the dojo?

    Any help, pointers, suggestions are welcome.


  • @Ruth-Willenborg101 Hi Ruth,

    Awesome idea! We have the .VSG design files for the CoderDojo official Digital badges which you can see here:

    Would these suit?

    If so please contact me via the mail below and I can share them with you.


  • Last year we too resolved to use a pin as a belt because we can’t afford the usb bracelets.

    The electonic badges have a detailed design that won’t fit in a small pin, we used these


  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @Federica-Triglia Those look awesome! :raised_hands_tone3:

    Another option is when you award ninjas their digital badge, you could also have a laminated sheet of digital badges printed off. They can then cut the badge they have been awarded out and make it into a badge with a saftey pin and celotape.
    Using a small coin battery and LED’s and hole punchers ninjas can make their badges light up! (and learn about conductors/batteries)

    Its fun, creative and you are awarding their other achievements :)

    alt text

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