New? Introduce yourself here.

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    Hi all. Are you new to this group? Please introduce yourself here by answering the following questions:

    1. What is your name?
    2. What role do you play / hope to play within a Dojo?
    3. What do you enjoy using computers for?
    4. Besides computing/coding, what are some of your interests?

  • Hi my name is Richelle Essers.
    I am setting up a new CoderDojo and hope to be a Champion of it.
    These days I enjoy using a computer to surf the web, read blogs and keep up with the news.
    Some of my interests are reading, gardening and being active in my community.

  • Hi, I’m Adam.
    I’m hoping to start up a CoderDojo at school, maybe an after school club.
    Currently, enjoying making games and programming robots with computers.
    Love spending time at the beach. :)

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