New? Introduce yourself here.

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    Hi all. Are you new to this group? Please introduce yourself here by answering the following questions:

    1. What is your name?
    2. What role do you play / hope to play within a Dojo?
    3. What do you enjoy using computers for?
    4. Besides computing/coding, what are some of your interests?

  • Hi my name is Richelle Essers.
    I am setting up a new CoderDojo and hope to be a Champion of it.
    These days I enjoy using a computer to surf the web, read blogs and keep up with the news.
    Some of my interests are reading, gardening and being active in my community.

  • Hi, I’m Adam.
    I’m hoping to start up a CoderDojo at school, maybe an after school club.
    Currently, enjoying making games and programming robots with computers.
    Love spending time at the beach. :)

  • Hi. Adam here.

    I am registering to champion a Coder Dojo at my school. I am an ex-programmer so I love dabbling with programming here and there to automate functions that take up my time. I love long distance running/triathlons and studying languages.

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    Hey Adam, welcome in :)

  • Hey my name is Matt currently studying a bachelor of game development, into coding of course, love looking into Internet of things, machine learning, Game Play Programming, 2D and 3d art, animation, UI design, Network programming for games, Database Designing, Music for games, Designing video games.

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    Hello @Matt-Donnelly :wave: That is awesome. Are you involved in a specific Dojo? :)

  • @Nuala-McHale No I’m not apart of an Dojo yet but i have apply to be a mentor

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    @Matt-Donnelly That’s awesome :D Let us know how you get on! Would be awesome to bring your skills into a Dojo. I know a lot of children are really interested in the areas you mentioned from experience at our own Dojo!

  • Hi all,

    I’m a primary school teacher. I’ve been running a ‘coding club’ during school lunchtimes with another colleague, and have decided to formalise it and sign up with this awesome initiative.

    We are two schools on one campus, for students from Kindy to Year 6. I teach Science and Technologies to students in our education support centre, and my colleague who runs the club with me is a Year 3 mainstream classroom teacher.

    Always keen to access support, advice and resources from this community!


  • Hi Everyone, I’m John. I’m the Children’s Librarian at the Fremantle Library. I’m one of the champions at CoderDojo Freo and am really excited about getting involved! We’re hoping to get the dojo growing and strengthening in order to start more in the Fremantle area.

    I really enjoy using computers to try new things, as well as run my website. I run a LEGO blog called and it’s pretty busy, so one of three PCs I own is always on and ready to go for research, writing, display design, playing with different programs and more. My main interest outside computing and coding is definitely LEGO, as well as pretty much any sport I can get stuck into!

  • said in New? Introduce yourself here.:

    What is your name?
    What role do you play / hope to play within a Dojo?
    What do you enjoy using computers for?
    Besides computing/coding, what are some of your interests?

    Hi my name is Jason D’argent. I am a champion and mentor at my Dojo and hope to inspire young people to develop their use of code to solve problems, innovate and importantly have fun. I love using my PC to play games online and develop interesting content for my lessons. I have interests in gaming, gardening, education and travel.

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