Ninjas joining zen

  • MegaDojo

    On saturday, a number of our ninjas applied to join our dojo on zen. They have accounts but don’t seem to have been added to our dojo. They’re not in the list and no email has come through to our account.

    Is this normal?

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi Barry,

    Ninjas and Parents can join Dojos automatically so you would’ve got an email. To see members go to ‘My Dojos’ then ‘Manage Users’. If they still aren’t there send me an email to!

    Best wishes,


  • MegaDojo

    Ok issue figured out. When they fill out the form it doesn’t assign them to our dojo. They have to go back in once they’ve registered and then join the dojo.
    This is related to an issue I had raised in github so i’ll go in and update it there

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