Recurring events, single session bookings

  • I have set up a recurring event but when you try to book it seems like you can only book for the whole series whereas in reality people may want to book for one session but not another. Is this how recurring events work or am I missing something?

    If my assumption is correct this implies I’ll have to set each session up separately so that people can choose which weeks to book. This seems a very time consuming way of working.

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi Richard,

    We have an issue into Github for this here - if you could add your support that would be great just by commenting.

    However, we also have an issue in to give users the ability to copy past events which is higher priority and will take away the time consuming element of setting up each individual event. We have this on the roadmap for Q2!

    Remember that Zen is open source and we rely on volunteers to help build features so if you or a friend can help out just check out Github here >>

    Best wishes,


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