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    You may not be aware but legislation in Ireland is changing and this will require Dojos in Ireland to take action.

    After researching this and having detailed conversations with the Charity Regulator we have outlined the impact of the Charities Act Legislation on all Irish Dojos and our proposed action.

    For CoderDojo, the Charities Act 2009 means that either;

    Every local Dojo must register with the Charity Regulator by April 16th.
    All Irish Dojos are represented by one umbrella organisation.

    Each Dojo is considered to be a charitable entity as all Dojos are ‘‘an unincorporated body of persons that promotes a charitable purpose and must, according to its own constitution or rules, use all of its property to advance that purpose’’.

    Due to being considered charitable entities legally, the Charities Regulator have confirmed that all Dojos in Ireland would have to register individually by April 16th if no umbrella body is created specifically to represent all Dojos in Ireland.

    If each Dojo had to register with the Charity Regulator this would be a high level of admin for our already overworked volunteers and would stunt growth in Ireland for the foreseeable future.

    Our Proposal

    The CoderDojo Foundation proposes that an umbrella body of ‘CoderDojo Ireland’ is created to represent all Dojos in Ireland.

    ‘CoderDojo Ireland’ would be a separate legal entity from the CoderDojo Foundation but would be required to sign the CoderDojo Regional License as would any other CoderDojo regional body. CoderDojo Ireland would be required to have it’s own board and would operate and report independently to the Foundation.

    Next Steps

    We will be hosting Irish Community Calls on the following dates to discuss this new legislation, its impact and our proposal on the following dates;

    Thursday 28th January - 8pm-9pm
    Monday 1st February - 8pm - 9pm

    If neither of these times suits you to join please get in touch with the CoderDojo Foundation on and if demand is high we will arrange another community call to discuss these changes.

    We are also seeking CoderDojo Ireland Board member nominations. These board members would be responsible for the set up and running of CoderDojo Ireland. Interested parties should join the Irish Community Calls and/or contact us directly for more information on Applications should include a letter of motivation stating their relevant experience, involvement in CoderDojo and what they would bring to the CoderDojo Ireland board.
    Additional Questions/Alternative proposals**

    We invite the Irish community to bring forward any other suggestions or approaches to the Irish community call or would be welcome to additional proposals for moving forward being sent to

    Best wishes,


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