DojoCon only 2 weeks away!

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    DojoCon, the CoderDojo community conference is less than two weeks away!
    Join others involved in CoderDojo from around the world in Kilkenny, for a weekend filled with insightful speakers, hands on workshops and activities with others involved in creative, educational technology!

    Take part in workshops led by Oscar nominated animators Cartoon Saloon, learn from edtech experts and make a lot of new friends!

    If you still have to get your ticket, visit:

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi all :wave: if you’re a CoderDojo community member interested in attending DojoCon (our international conference) but are on a tight budget, we have a 50% ticket discount code, so you can participate and take back your learnings to your Dojo!

    Come to DojoCon for an amazing weekend and learn from edtech experts, Oscar-nominated animators, VR creators, and others in talks, workshops, and demonstrations — as well as making friends with other volunteers and the CoderDojo Foundation team!

    You can book your discounted ticket now by entering the promotional code dojoconkk18
    >>> here. <<<

    Check out the Saturday program of talks, demos and workshops, which you can see full details on here:
    alt text

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