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  • Do we have any soft copies for me to point parents to for using the portal from registration to booking a weekly session.

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    @Mark-Lombardo Hi Mark, I made these before, but the registration and ticket booking has been simplified a lot by our development team since I made these, so I think using them now would only confuse parents more than if they just go to register/book themselves.

    A suggestion might be (if you have a projector/tv screen you can hook up to) to do a demonstration at the beginning/end of a Dojo with parents to show how they can register and book a ticket for the next event.

    Why not even tell the parents in advance and they can bring their own laptops and follow the steps as you do them on the screen?

    Have parents tried using the site and reported issues since the booking process was simplified in July? If so it would be great to hear what feedback they gave, and how we could make it even clearer for them to use.

  • Hey Mark, we’ve tested the new flow with parents and it seems to be quite easy as it’s one flow now. I realise previously you had to explain adding kids etc. but now it’s a lot more straightforward. If there’s anything else we can do to simplify it please do say so!

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