Minecraft lessons

  • I want to create a bunch of minecraft lessons that any Dojo can use. Is that already done? Is that collected somewhere? The lessons will include command blocks, machines, computercraft, scripcraft etc.

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi @Anders-Lindén :wave: We have this minecraft content but given that the ebooks included here were developed in 2013 I am sure there is much more room for development. Particularly of more learning resources that could be completed within a Dojo session or a few sessions.

    I haven’t heard about other Dojos creating Minecraft content, though I know many Dojos use Minecraft as a way to engage young people in coding and encourage their learning.

    It would be great when you develop some Minecraft content to share it here on the forums so people can try it out in their Dojos and give feedback. I am sure our content lead @Philip-Harney would be interested in seeing what you create too!

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