Relationship between a club and the CDF?

  • Hi folks,

    a couple of parents are volunteering to help look into whether or not our dojo could be eligible for small community grants and other streams of support from various different sources which is great for us if they can get something together, but is probably more complicated than getting donations in kind.

    The one question they asked which I didn’t have a clear, crisp answer for, was basically, what is the official, documented relationship with e.g. CoderDojo/ Raspberry Pi Foundation? Are the individual dojos an official branch or affiliates etc?


  • @KramKroc Hi Mark,

    It’s fantastic that your Dojo parents are eager to help out, particularly if they are keen to research grant possibilities! Parents have tons of skills and useful contacts, which often doesn’t get utilised at a typical Dojo, so it’s great that they are on-board :)

    The CoderDojo Foundation is the headquarters for the CoderDojo movement and we are in turn partnered with the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Every Dojo operates as an autonomous self-led body with slightly different ways of doing things, but ultimately all verified Dojos are united in that they have all signed the CoderDojo Charter and have agreed to adopt the CoderDojo ethos and approach.

    I hope that makes sense! Happy to clarify further if needs be :)


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