Adding a new Mentor/Volunteer

  • Hi There,

    As a Champion I invited a new mentor, that person received the email invitation and registered, but now I am trying to add him to an event I have, but his name doesn’t appear in my Mentor List. Our coderdojo is Leman Solicitors Dublin 4 Dojo and his name is João Pedro Oliveira.


  • Hey Thiago

    There are 3 basic steps to being a mentor for an event.

    1. The new mentor needs to create an account on Zen here
    2. Then you inviting the same email they set up the account with and them clicking accept (they need to have done step 1 first and be logged in for this to work)
    3. Then the person is a mentor at your club and can book mentor tickets for your event themselves.

    If you did the steps above and it does not work then can you send me his email to and we’ll try to debug this for you.

    We realise this flow could be better and we are hoping to get better at this stuff in the next few quarters.

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