Back to Dojo: A month of Tips & Resources

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    Many CoderDojo clubs, who took a break are returning #BackToDojo. We want to help support all those Dojos who are returning back this term as well as those who run throughout the year.

    Each week during September we will be sharing content you can use in your Dojo and other resources to save you time and effort running your Dojo so both volunteers and children get the most out of it. You will find all the resources linked here as they go live each week!

    So what have we done in advance to make going #BackToDojo easier for you and your Dojo members?

    • We’ve made booking tickets into your Dojo simpler for parents on the CoderDojo platform. Dojo events are easier to discover, the booking process is better at handling group bookings and more! This ensures that parents will have a great experience finding and booking into your next event! Learn more about the improvements that make booking tickets easier for parents and mentors attending your Dojo here.

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    • We’ve started our online free Starting a CoderDojo course. While this is aimed at people interested in starting a Dojo in their local area, even if you’ve been running for years you can learn a lot and find new resources by taking part in the course!

    Week 1:
    This week we will be sharing a selection of beginners content and initial resources you can use when starting back.


    • First to help start your first Dojo off with a fresh activity, why not try out these fun ice breakers.

    New Resources Site

    • We’re moving to a new resources site! With a larger choice of projects to work on in 15+ languages from Italiano to 日本語, filters for different programming languages and skill level, that are broken down into easy to follow steps, our new platform will make or gaining learning resources for your Dojo easier than ever!

    Here are our pick of three projects to try out at your next session:

    • A good choice for those attending a Dojo for the first time is our beginner Scratch for Social Innovation. Children learn the basics of Scratch while building a game where you protect people from malaria by making a parrot catch mosquitoes.

    • A tougher option for ninjas looking for more of a challenge is our HTML/CSS pathway. This is an intermediate level project that focuses on controlling how your website looks.

    • Our wearables projects are really cool. In this project, children will create T-Shirts with LED’s sewn into them. Just remember, you may need to source some of the hardware needed before your Dojo.

    Scratch 3.0

    • The latest version of Scratch is now available! Get Ninjas used to the new layout and additional features of Scratch 3.0 this September so they’ll be all set by
      the time it replaces the old version if Scratch completely in January 2019. See all you need
      to know about the latest version of Scratch

    Week 2:

    Twitter Chat

    • #ChatDojo is back! Join our Twitter chat on Wednesday 12 September from 9am - 9pm GMT+1 to discuss and learn what other CoderDojo clubs are doing to engage young people and volunteers! We’ll learn about resources, organisational content and more!

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  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Thanks to everyone who joined out twitter chat on Wednesday! You can see all those who participated and what insights people shared here. We will also be doing a summery blog with highlights from the 12 hour chat in the coming days!

    Other resources shared this week include this blog on how you can encourage computational thinking offline with unplugged activities. These are really useful for energising children and also a great resource to use if your Dojo doesn’t have internet access.

    Also a great resource for all mentors this term is the Hello World magazine. The next issue is out on Tuesday 18 September and the theme is Ethical Computing. People in the UK can subscribe to a free hard copy. While those anywhere in the world can get a free digital subscription! Learn more here.

    To help those in your Dojo who are interested in mentoring but would love an introduction to programming and computers, the Raspberry Pi Foundation have just released two new free online courses:

    These are a great way to help support and give confidence to non-technical mentors and parents so they can help out more in a Dojo!

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