Waitlist functionality changed?

  • Hi folks,

    I know it’s been asked before about adding a waitlist and it’s not yet there because of priorities etc and that there was a workaround suggested before by @Nuala-McHale and @Philip-Hennessy to:

    Turn on Ticket Approval’ at the bottom of the edit/create event which puts automatically puts tickets to the waiting list until an admin approves their ticket. This is working out for their Dojo as tickets can then be individually approved within the manage ticket event if spaces open up.

    I’ve this turned on, but when event is fully approved, the book ticket button becomes greyed out. So I added one more place in the hope that the button would still be enabled and a waitlist would kick in, but it seems that the button becomes disabled again based on applicants numbers rather than attending numbers.

    I can obviously add many more tickets and just approve our capacity, but having to jump through all the hoops makes me wonder if the priority of waitlists could be increased and get done in the near term?


  • Hey @KramKroc . Waitlist is definitely something we’d like to get done in the next few months. It’s something a decent number of clubs have asked for (although for many different use cases).

    To give you an idea of priorities. The first was to get the basic experience smooth and not blocking people (as the basic feature set we have now is enough for most clubs once designed correctly).

    We’re still on that path, we’re working on a Zen dashboard and a few other smaller tweaks to check in etc. that partially complete those basic “simple flows” that you’ll see in the next few weeks. After those (think October) we still have to decide what we’re doing. We have some large technical debt projects we have to do before the end of the year but in terms of “significant new features” that you might see waitlist is top of the list. So basically by then end of September we should be able to give a clearer idea of if we’ll be able to do it then.

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