Astro Pi Community Stories

  • Hi everybody!

    We are currently writing a blog post in advance of Astro Pi’s launch next month to encourage and inspire even more Dojos to get involved.
    We are collecting stories from those who participated in last years challenge.

    Below I’ve included some sample questions related to the competition. If you participated, I would be grateful if you could answer them.
    The questions are only a rough guideline and you can expand on them if you like.

    If you have any photos related to the Astro Pi competition, for example your team working on your submission, then please feel free to share them!
    It’s great to have photos to accompany our community stories.

    You can send your stories to :)

    All the best,

    Astro Pi questions.
    Tell us about your team.
    Tell us about your experiment that you conducted earlier this year.
    What was the best part of the programme?
    If you could give one piece of advice to Ninjas entering an experiment in Astro Pi’s Mission Space Lab, what would it be?

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