Parents of multiple kids confused by confirmation e-mail

  • Hi folks,

    we’re back using zen for our ticketing system and we’ve just had some feedback from a couple of parents that the confirmation e-mail is confusing when they have created a booking for more than one kid. The text basically mentions order confirmation for your child and the name of only one child from the booking. The parents have gotten in touch with us asking when the other kids bookings will be confirmed.

    I pointed them to the My Bookings section so they can see the tickets are in fact booked for all the kids, but I agree that the text should be clearer. Am I wrong in thinking the old system had a similar quirk too and so it’s probably inherited behaviour?


  • Hey @KramKroc ,

    Thanks for the feedback. I think it should be listing all the kids in the booking. (The major backend change we made with the new booking system was properly grouping bookings of multiple children together, previously it was all seperate).

    Any chance you could forward the parents confirmation email to

    If it’s a bug we’ll get on it quickly! Thanks for trying the system again. All feedback is amazing.

  • @Conor-Murphy Sent it this morning. Let me know if you got it @Conor-Murphy

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