Italian resources for Dojos

  • Hi all,

    I’d like to share here the link to the tutorials I’m creating for my Dojo. They’re not in English because they’re targeted to an Italian audience, so maybe some Italian speaking volunteer will stumble upon them and find them useful…

    The site is:

    The first two big buttons bring you to the download pages: “Progetti da scaricare” (projects to download) are the ones we are already using in our Dojo, while “Didattica” (teaching) is more aimed at giving teachers ideas to be used in schools.

  • Nice tutorials, Andrea! I have some more Italian Scratch tutorials to share. Can I fork your project and add them to be merged in your main repo?


  • Yes, of course!

    But I wasn’t ready for such an event :blush: so I just added some directions in the CONTRIBUTING file in the repo.
    If you think the instructions aren’t suitable for your case, or for any other need, in the same file there are the references to contact me so that we can continue this discussion in Italian on another channel.

    \bye, Andrea

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