Parents' Handbook - quotes needed!

  • Hi!

    We are currently working on creating a Parents’ Handbook at the CoderDojo Foundation - this will be published online as a guide for parents whose children are interested in getting involved with CoderDojo. We hope this will help parents to better understand the movement and encourage them to become involved!

    Parents / Guardians - you can help!

    As a valued member of the community and a parent / guardian of an awesome Ninja, it would be amazing if you could provide us with a quote that we could use in this publication. The quote will be published with you and your child’s first names (e.g. quote from Dublin Ninja Mary’s parent, John).

    Here are some suggestions for you to provide a few lines about:

    • As a parent, what does it mean to you that your child is part of the CoderDojo community?

    • What impact has attending a Dojo made on your child’s learning?

    • Has CoderDojo opened any new opportunities or avenues of creativity for your child?

    If you have any photos of you and your Ninja that you would also like to include, we would appreciate it! Just pop them, plus your quotes, into an email to :)


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