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  • Hi,
    I’m Tommaso Garuglieri and I’m a mentor for the Coderdojo Bagno a Ripoli, and a software developer.
    Very often during the Coderdojo events parents would complain about the fragmentation of the platforms that provides visibility to the various events/dojos so with another mentor from Florence we’ve decided to create an application that would allow users to find nearby Coderdojo events based on his position.
    After a couple months of work, we came up with a native android application and a backend service that fetches events from various platforms (at the moment Eventbrite and the zen-platform).

    As Conor Murphy already pointed out the actual backend service implementation is very unstable since it relies on specific keywords in order to run the events search on Eventbrite and on a world-wide dojo org. based scraping for the zen platform, of course this is meant to be a temporary implementation until a better method for events search provided directly from the official api.

    I’d love to have some feedback/contributions about the idea and the application!

    Of course both the application and the api service are open source and ads free, you can find all the links below:

    Android native application:

    Android application source code:

    Api source code:

    Thank for your attention!

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