Why are so many topics deleted?

  • Greetings!

    Please accept my apology if this topic is too nosy, too forward, or about a “forbidden topic”. I just hope it doesn’t join the long list of already-deleted topics.

    I just signed up and am interested in learning more about CoderDojo and advancing technological awareness.

    One thing that strikes me forcefully when I first started looking at this forum is the sheer volume of “This Post has been Deleted!” messages.

    Why? What happened? The volume of deleted topics scares me - should I even begin to try to share here? Or will my topics be deleted out-of-hand because they don’t fall within some guideline? (i.e. too advanced, not about a Dojo, not really ready to create my own Dojo, etc. etc. etc.)

    Having run various fora, BBS’s, blogs, (etc.), over the years, I understand that some semblance of order must be maintained. Blatant advertising should be deleted out-of-hand. Similarly, posts that are obviously offensive, trolling, have more &^%$#@!!! words than readable text, are ripe for deletion.

    But. . . . . So many topics gone? In a “general discussion” forum? This doesn’t make sense to me.

    Please give me some guidance here.


    Jim “JR”

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hey Jim.
    Those are spams. We have some regularly alas.
    I’m surprised you even see them :x

  • I do.

    They’re greyed out, but still visible. I am sure you can understand my jaw dropping when I saw something like 10% of the posts on the first page gone. . . .

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Apparently it’s by design. (https://community.nodebb.org/topic/8993/why-do-i-see-the-deleted-topic/30)
    Not the biggest fan of this design choice in all fairness, but I purged the 1rst page topics in the meantime.
    Thanks for the notice :thumbsup:

  • @Guillaume-Feliciano

    Can I help? Maybe, as I wander the various fora, I can help remove “deleted” posts as I see them?

    P.S. I notice that many are gone - thanks! - but like cockroaches, the more you delete, the more show up!

    Jim “JR”

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