• Together with JRC di Ispra (Va) e Happy Onlife, CoderDojo Torino2 is launching the First #‎KidsGameJam‬ for Ninja Scratcher.
    The event will take place at the Cascina Roccafranca on January 30th, from 10 to 12:30. Each team will be of maximum 5 partecipants from 8 to 17 years old, and they will have to create a game that will respect the theme and the outlines given by the Dojo.
    Each CoderDojo that will partecipate to the event on the 30th, will get the theme within Thursday Januaty the 28th, by 6 p.m., so that the partecipants will be able to start thinking and prepare a paper version of the project.
    Everybody will need to have their first paper version of the project to enter the event, and then write the entire code once they are there.
    The other CoderDojos, or the schools that won’t be able to attend the event but that will organize an event between January 18th and January 30th, will be able to partecipate as well, signing in their team and obtain the game theme, two days prior to their personal event.
    As soon as it is over, they will have to send one or two games created by the Ninjas, together with a brief description of the game itself and a presentation of the members of the team with their names and age (mandatory).
    We will have 3 Awards: Best Idea, Best Code and Most Playable Game.
    Two juries will be nominated: a technical one (that will mainly be concentrated on the first two awards) and a Ninja one that will have the commitment ot playing the games and decide wich one is more exciting and challlenging.
    The game that will be selected as the most “playable”, will be object of a tournament in schools and online, open to everyone that will like to sign in, in Italy or wherever in the world, within March and April.
    The rules of the tournament will be issued by February 15th.
    The winners will be announced during the Scratch Day on the first weekend of May 2016.
    We will send more informations soon.

    Within Monday the 18th you’ll be able to follow the event on FB and TW and on our website www.coderdojotorino2.it.
    For teams signing in: coderdojotorino2@gmail.com , we will soon have the Eventbrite active.

    Be cool!
    CoderDojo Torino2

  • CoderDojo From all over the world sign up here for the #KidsGameJam


    and if you have some question ask to


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