• Hi

    I tried connecting dojo to eventbrite and twice got a message tit was a success but no events on the dojo page.

    Also supporters image at bottom of page shows in preview, but once saved it is not there.


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    Hey Zita.
    Are you owner of the Eventbrite account or a sub-account of a larger organisation? Sub-account aren’t supported for the time being, due to a need of total rewrite of the plugin.
    For the supporter image, I believe I know what it is ;) Supporter images are currently supported only through the “Supporter image” field, not through the Dojo notes. The reason for that is security (plenty of stuff you can do with images as a vector, like tracking). I can review that with @Daniel-Brierton to lax it in case you need more than a single image

  • Hey

    I believe I am the owner of the Eventbrite.

    Image cannot be changed at bottom, but also in the body,Ii cannot insert image.

    Why do I have confirmation saying Eventbrite is connected? Why do I have a preview of the image if it cannot be displayed?


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    It also could be not showing your Eventbrite events if these Dojo events were created before you connected the accounts. If you go into the event, and edit and then save, then that should mean the event shows on your Dojo page as the latest save would be after connecting them.

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    @Nuala-McHale is right. I’ve been testing the integration with your token and it works :) The integration only trigger when an Eventbrite event is saved so you need to reclick “Save” in the Eventbrite event page and it’ll be visible in a few moment after on Zen :)

    Regarding the image, I don’t have any issue changing the supporter image. Do you mean you don’t want to change it? If so, that’s fair, elsewhat could you post that image so I can test with it?
    The reason we removed images from the description in the first place was to enforce the security through last year due to some concerns regarding the way the site was originally built. Alas we don’t have the time to rebuild everything everytime, and this is , literally, a bug : it should either be allowing images, or not at all. Like we said, we can consider letting the image being used back again as I believe it’s a more meaningful and better way to actually support “sponsors” images. cc @Conor-Murphy

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