Temporary change of venue.

  • Our Dojo premises are closing for some rehab work and I was wondering if its OK to move somewhere nearby so long as its a public venue?

  • @Tom-Potts Hi Tom, we were kicked out of our venue at fairly short notice as the business it was based in was expanding and wanted to rent the space in the evenings so we moved into a secondary school. It’s a large bright room, with lots of desks and power points so it’s actually a pretty good venue. I know that being based in a school is frowned upon, but when you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, it’s Hobson’s choice.

  • MegaDojo

    Hi Lesley,
    Who says that being based in a school is frowned upon? As long as it is open to the public and not just students of the school it is a prefectaly legit Dojo and there are many around the world in Schools.


  • Bill Liao was somewhat negative about our move to the school premises when he spoke to me at another event a few months ago. 🙁

  • @Tom-Potts Hi Tom!

    Apologies for the late reply - did you manage to source another venue for your Dojo?

    As long as the venue is a public space (e.g. a library, community centre, educational institution, corporate office etc) that is absolutely fine :)

    Ideally your venue would also have public liability insurance and would be equipped with tables, chairs, power sockets and a wifi connection if possible.

    Let me know how you are getting on with this :)


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