Remote/ Online Dojo

  • Hi, I’m having difficulty getting a physical presence and getting volunteers to start the movement.
    Been thinking if it could work to have an online dojo using something like Google classrooms or skype or hangouts to facilitate a virtual dojo.

    Any thoughts ? Ideas or suggestions

    I’m based in Johannesburg South Africa

  • This would be really cool but do you have some ideas about how you want to organise the coaching yet?

    I see the following “issues” occuring:

    • How will you be able to help 1 specific child?
      When you are doing it through a skype call for example, it can be quite annoying to hear everyone talking at the same time and when you have multiple coaches, things can get hairy soon.
    • How will you help kids if they have a problem that cannot be solved through screensharing?
      Especially for courses that are linked to real hardware but also applies to internet problems, screenshare software not working…

    The only way i see this working is if you have multiple “screenshare rooms” wich allows your ninja’s to connect to and have a mentor in each room but this would still need to be organised in a way that works for the ninja’s and the mentors.

    CoderDojo Belgium:Klein-Brabant

  • Thank you, I haven’t considered all of these “issues”. I will do some more thinking.
    I do however foresee it only working if its truly one on one

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