Platform: error has occurred while notifying members

  • Since over a week we can’t send any updates & ticket available m ails anymore. This is impacting the attendance for us.
    Can this be looked at please.

    An error has occurred while notifying members:
    {“data”:"",“status”:504,“config”:{“method”:“POST”,“transformRequest”:[null],“transformResponse”:[null],“url”:"/api/2.0/dojos/notify-all-members",“data”:"{“data”:{“dojoId”:“4f8d36fb-7545-4ba9-b9fb-b379b6b87938”,“eventId”:“4d13cdf1-896a-4774-9892-d2e42cbd329d”,“emailSubject”:“Tickets Now Available for %1$s”}}",“headers”:{“Content-Type”:“application/json”,“Accept”:“application/json, text/plain, /”}},“statusText”:“GATEWAY_TIMEOUT”}

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hey @Remon-Van-Gijn
    We’ve had several issues over the last weeks that could have caused that :

    • one of our jobs was restarting forever, eating away the CPU/memory out of our servers
    • emails for users notifications were not being queued and could crash when the quantity of users was >~ 100.
      Could you tell me when was the last time you had this issue?

  • @Guillaume-Feliciano
    I tried this ~ an hour ago, on our dojo events page.

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Looks like we have something in the logs, for once :)
    One of your user is having a corrupted profile, I’ll have a look tomorrow morning if it can wait until then?

  • @Guillaume-Feliciano yes, if you could fix that one (and see if there are others) Friday morning we might still be able to get some more traction.

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi @Remon-Van-Gijn :)
    That should be fixed. I had to delete a member from your Dojo.
    I’ll send you additional info by PM regarding the issue, as it contains personal data regarding the user so you can get in touch with him/her and fix the situation in a more durable way if necessary.

  • @Guillaume-Feliciano ,Thanks, Ive rerun the mail and it works now. Ill follow up on the PM.

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