Opportunity for Funding to run coding event during Europe Code Week!

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    Great opportunity for Dojos to apply for funding to run a free coding event during Europe Code Week… check it out!

    Meet and Code is a new project which aims to introduce children and young people aged eight to 24 to the world of technology and coding. The Meet and Code project is funding digital and coding events of all kinds during the EU Code Week (6-21 October 2018). These events are designed to show young people how much fun coding can be.

    There are 25 grants of €500 each available to host such events.

    To apply for these grants you must:

    · Be a registered charity (you can use our CoderDojo Foundation Charity number to apply)

    · Your event must take place during the EU Code Week (6-21 October 2018)

    · Your event must revolve around the theme of programming (coding, robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) etc.)

    · Your event must engage with at least 20 children and/or young people aged between eight and 24

    · Your Meet and Code event must be free to attend.

    How to apply

    Applying is easy, just follow these four steps:

    1.   Register your organisation on the Meet and Code website
    2.  Submit your planned event
    3.  Wait for your application to be approved and receive your grant
    4.  Host your event.

    Applications are now open via the Meet and Code website.

  • Great news @Nuala-McHale. How can we get the CoderDojo Foundation Charity number?

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi @Iraklis-Markelis, The CoderDojo Foundation is a registered charity in the Republic of Ireland (CHY 20812). :) Best of luck with your application!

  • @Nuala-McHale I am very disappointed to see that my country isn’t on the list that can participate. I don’t understand why is that. I’ve send an e-mail to info and I’m waiting for their reply. :-(

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @Iraklis-Markelis Very sorry to hear that Iraklis :(

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