Raspberry Pi Sushi Cards from CoderDojo Ham

  • Docklands Dojo

    I stumbled upon an old Kata page (who hasn’t? :sweat_smile: ) which had a link to these Sushi Cards created by Richard Hayler for CoderDojo Ham.

    They have now been added to the Raspberry Pi Path, and you can download the whole set as a single PDF here.

    The nice, double-sided cards show you how to do lots of exciting things including:

    • Use a breadboard to connect and LED and program it with Scratch and Python.
    • Play with colour and brightness of RGB LEDs
    • Combine LEDs, buttons and buzzers to make
      • a reaction game
      • a set of traffic lights
      • an explosion in Minecraft
    • Work with other components and boards such as sensors, motors, PiGlow, CodeBug

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