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    I would like to introduce 3d design and printing in our dojo. We can avail of free prints from local library but the size is limited due to the service being free.

    Can anyone recommend an affordable 3D printing service, so we email design and they send the finished product?
    Emphasis on affordable :-)


  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi @Zita-D, I was at MegaDojo Limerick and they had a 3D printer on show there. @Barry-Kennedy might be able to help out with putting you in touch with those who were involved at the event with the 3D printer, who might know others located closer to you that are affordable.

    I seen this site as well where you can whittle down the location to closer to you. One is based in Waterford (S3D Print and Design) but I don’t see prices. Maybe if you ring them and tell them that it’s for your volunteer-led, free coding club for children they’d be able to give ye a discount.

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