Challenges from CoderDojo RTP (Scratch and Python)

  • These are a few of our favorite challenges from CoderDojo RTP.

    Scratch - Tucker’s Coin Toss Challenge - if a kid comes into the dojo and says they already know Scratch - I like to give them this challenge. It’ll really separates those who understand Scratch to apply it, and those who just follow tutorials or play around. For kids who have done a number of sushi cards and other step-by-step Scratch projects, this is a good “test” before moving to Python.

    M&M Python Challenge - one of my Dojo Dad’s challenged his son to do this one (both their names start with M, hence “M&M” - it’s the inverse of the Beginner Sushi cards. In this one, the computer has to guess the number that the player is thinking of. It’s a favorite - and M&Ms can be provided to those who complete it.

    Python Guessing Game Extensions - a few short challenges to give a kid after they’ve complete the Python Beginner guessing game challenge.

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