Need email for dojo dublin3@oracle

  • Corporate email account no longer available (owned by someone in sales and password changed) - how do I get a coderdojo one ?

    Thank you for your time,
    Turloch O’Tierney

  • This post is deleted!

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    @Turloch-O’Tierney Hi Turloch, thanks for getting in touch. I have let @Amy-O-Meara who manages the CoderDojo emails know, so she will get in touch with you to help set it up for you this afternoon. I’m going to delete your post with your email as this is an open forum, but I noted them for her to contact you :) How is all going at your Dojo besides? Are you planning on coming to Coolest Projects International on May 26th in the RDS Simmonscourt?

  • Coderdojo:
    Had a few weeks off around Easter - ‘lost’ a few Ninja
    Few mentors - ‘2nd mentor’ daughters (11 and 10) not as interested.
    (Coderdojo seems interested in keeping girls so I will give more details:)
    —Sent on to ‘2nd mentor’:
    —Largely 2nd mentor daughters were mentored by 2nd mentor - mostly scratch
    — they liked when other (enthusiastic) 11 year old girl turned up.
    —Girl oriented coder dojo:
    —Suggested: More project oriented: (Rather than being cool software focused)
    —Have app inventor lined up for ‘not hard core games coding/games playing’ option for next time.
    (Reluctant to go hardware/wearables route)
    —Last year lost a bunch of girls all taken by same then mentor (admitted older 13 or so, so understandable)
    Just signed up a ‘non Oracle Employee’ as Garda Vetted Mentor.

    Coolest Projects:
    Son presented last year - this year attending only - other parents/mentors at the dojo not shown an interest.
    I am in a parents group for something else trying to get a few people to meet at coolest projects ‘for lunch’.
    Not sure how to make it more social - will encourage my son to take a friend.

  • @Turloch-O-Tierney Thanks for getting in touch! I have just created a email address for your Dojo. You will receive an email shortly with a link to set a password for this email account. Just remember to set it within the next 48 hours before the link expires. I have also updated your Dojo profile with the new email address.

    If you have any issues, just let me know at :)

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