New Beginner Javascript cards - ninja experiences?

  • Hi,
    I’ve typically had marvelous success with the CoderDojo sushi cards, but I’ve now had 3 kids do the new beginner javascript cards and they’ve been disappointed. I’m curious how these are working out in other dojos?

    I haven’t actually had a chance to do the new cards (I did the old ones) so I’ve hesitated to put any comments, but I thought it would be better to at least get folks thinking. I have seen the demos when the kids complete the activity and talked a little to the kids. The kids do the Javascript cards after they’ve started their own website. With the move to trinket they seem to lose the concept to how javascript fits into their website. The new cards starting with functions is also confusing to them - it’s actually a pretty complex topic to drop on the kids on page one. These kids are about 10 - very competent Scratch programmers, but only the very basics with HTML and python. The original cards had their good and bad points - but overall building out interactive content, resizing the panda, etc were easier starting points for them. They could see how to apply to their websites. I had more positive feedback from the kids on the old javascript cards.

    If possible, I’d like to get the materials for the old beginner javascript sushi cards so I can go back to them for now.

    I just had my first ninja do the new intermediate javascript cards. He was really proud of his todo list, and I thought his demo was great. So, I’m hoping those cards work out better. Also, I’ve moved to trinket for the beginner python sushi cards with great success. It’s just trinket with html/javascript where I’m seeing the issues.

  • @Ruth-Willenborg101 I was looking around tonight, and did find the original javascript sushi stuff.

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    Hi Ruth,
    Thanks for getting in touch to highlight this. This is really useful feedback. Regarding the new beginner javascript, I assume you mean these cards. That is interesting to note how young people find it hard to relate the javascript to the html website when they then switch to trinket.

    Regarding the old resources, did you mean these?

    Your feedback is really useful to @Philip-Harney and @Ciara-McHugh for guiding our future content updates and what we create, so thanks for sharing.

    Did anyone else have similar experiences in their Dojo?

  • The original Javascript Beginner cards are here:

    (I posted some feedback on these back last year.)

  • We’ve had some students get very confused about why the JavaScript lessons start with HTML, but that’s easy enough to overcome. Our dojo bought several of the CoderDojo books for building a web site and building a game in JavaScript and told the kids if they work through either book we’ll give them all 3 HTML or all 3 JavaScript badges.

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    It was a new approach to try starting with functions, as they’re often seen as an advanced concept. However, a number of introductory coding courses do use them successfully, so I still think the concept isn’t inherently beyond a beginner.

    I’m not sure I picked the right project, though. I was trying to do something that showed off the power of JavaScript and to do that I wanted to pull something in from the web. I thought music would be generally kinda cool, but the APIs all ended up very convoluted, particularly if I wanted to avoid authentication and credentials.

    I’m going to take another look at JavaScript in a few weeks and see if there isn’t a better way to start things off. I’m particularly fond of the intermediate and advanced JavaScript projects, as they actually build working web applications, so I really want to clear the way for people to get to those.

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