*NEW* 'Start a CoderDojo' course begins on Monday, April 23!

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    You can now sign-up to our new free online course — Starting a CoderDojo club — in which anyone can learn more about CoderDojo and how they can set up one of these free coding clubs for young people in their local area.

    What is covered on the course?

    The course was developed by Philip, our Educational Content Lead. It gives participants the resources and supports to empower young people to be tech creators. Divided over three weeks and running for approximately 4 hours in total, it provides practical advice and resources on everything you need to know to run a fun, social and creative coding club for young people.

    Who is the course for?

    Parents, teachers, librarians, IT professionals, managers, youth workers and more have all started clubs in their community. The course is free and open to all, so if you are interested we encourage you to sign up.

    If you already mentor at a Dojo, the course is a great opportunity to revise what you’ve learned and a chance to share these insights with newcomers using the course discussion group. Furthermore, parents and guardians who wish to learn more about CoderDojo and possibly get involved are welcome to join.

    If you run a Dojo, but it is oversubscribed because of the demand in your area, why not tell parents of children who haven’t been able to get a place, or others who would have a suitable venue about the course, to help get more Dojos set up in the area.

    Learn more and sign up for the course here!

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