CoderDojo open community call on Tuesday the 24th of April!

  • Hi everyone!

    We are hosting the next CoderDojo open community call on Tuesday the 24th of April! We will be discussing content, volunteer sourcing and give you a chance to tell us about your Dojo. If there is anything you’d like discussed please comment below and we can try add this to the agenda. Hope to see you on the call.

    Dial in details and agenda here.


  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Reminder, that on Tuesday 24 April, our Educational Content Lead, Philip, will be sharing his insights into creating the new online course for all those interested in starting a club locally as well as the resources and supports available to you when you do.

    We’ll be asking him questions on the featured Champions handbook, his favourite aspects of the course as well as it’s value to those who are actively running clubs already.

    The community call is open to anyone involved in CoderDojo around the world. Join the call on April 24 at 1pm UTC+1 to ask Philip your own questions about this and other learning resources.

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    How can you Join the Call?

    To join the Community Call on Tuesday at 1:00pm UTC+1 (find your timezone here):

    Conference ID: 366-810-387 #

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