3 Week Online Course Helping you Start and Run a CoderDojo club!

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    Hello :wave:
    Exciting news, in two weeks we are launching our first 3 week online course to support people interested in starting a Dojo with advice and resources to help them get set up.
    Now as Community members already running a Dojo you likely already know all the details covered in the course. However, if you have friends, colleagues or neighbours who heard about CoderDojo through you, who have told you how they would like to set up a Dojo in their local area but lack the experience or the know-how to do it, then it would be amazing if you could tell them about the course. They can learn more and sign up here and we will notify them in two weeks when the course is set to begin.
    We will be announcing the launch of the course tomorrow, but I wanted to let you all know before then.

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi all, i just wanted to highlight that you can still join the course and work through the three weeks starting from once you join. :)

    Join the Course now!

    alt text

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