Is 17 the absolute upper age limit?

  • Hi there,

    I’ve had a request from a parent inquiring if CoderDojo would be suitable for an 18 year-old autistic child. Is this something that we should look to try to support or would we be in breach of any child protection or best practice guidelines if we were to facilitate this request.

    Looking for ideas


  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Hi Tom,

    Apologies, Easter holidays delayed my response :)

    Generally CoderDojo is for young people who are still in school so sometimes this can go up to 18 or 19. Some clubs definitely make exceptions for young people with autism or additional educational needs with this age limit from time to time. I would suggest you make the decision based on your clubs capacity to take on additional young people. I would also suggest that to ensure additional safeguarding that the parent of this young person attends with them.

    There are no specific child safeguarding restrictions on this but in general I would refer to the suggested Code of Behaviour for guidance or get in touch with us directly on if you have any specific concerns.

    Hope this helps!

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