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  • The startpage Ux has opportunity for improvement for regular user IMHO.

    As champion I log in about 2x a week using different device types and have to navigate via the my dojos and having to login to the manage events screen. Please consider these ideas to improve my life here ;), I think these optimize foe the most frequent visitors. I make the assumption that most users are only affiliated with 1 dojo (is there data on that?).

    -enable a default dojo for users and directly navigate to that one when landing on the min page as logged in user. (add a home button to force navigation to the search)
    -if your only member of one, default to that one when logged in
    -never expire the login, it ‘seems’ I get logged out when logging in somewhere else.
    -enable management buttons on the main dojo page for the next event that is up. I want to be able to access the members list of my next event on 1 click from landing on zen.

    -other: the champions are not counted as mentors on the details dojo page. I think we can me counted as mentors too. Or show the nr of champions as well.
    -other: maybe I’m missing it, but can we make the champion counter then click able so parents can see who are the champions? Also for mentors.

    Feel free to quiz me on details!
    Thanks for all great work and consideration.

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    Hey @Remon-Van-Gijn ! Thanks a lot for the feedback pretty sure @Conor-Murphy would love to hear more :)
    There have been some discussion towards a “dashboard” for recurring users (, Mostly the goal would be to optimize the navigation depending on “who” you are, which makes this display fairly complex :

    • A new user that registered without going through a specific flow (booking for example) may need to be directed towards “finding a dojo”
    • a recurring user (parent/guardian) who’s having kids should see the next events to book them into as well as (some kind of) kid progression
      • but shouldn’t “block” the parent from discovering other dojos
    • a champion (like you seem to be) could have a quick access to management of next events, independently of the Dojo (we have serial champions with multiple Dojos)

    The current goal for this year seems to be towards simplifying booking, but “quick wins” could very likely be added to the planning. I personally really like the “enable management buttons on the main dojo page”.
    On the other hand, the duration of a session (logged-in) has been reported lately(, but we never had a chance to go through it. I wouldn’t set it as permanent though, as it increases the risk security-wise (the token that identifies you becomes permanently valid unless you log out, whereas the duration enforces that the token can only be exploited for a certain time). But allowing multiple sessions (one for laptop and another one through a smartphone for example) is a very legitimate scenario.
    I’m not sure to understand the 2 “others” points, but :

    • I guess we could rename “mentors” as “volunteers” to broaden the ideas of “learner” vs “mentor”
    • Champion info “can” be accessed by parents who are part of the Dojo, but I’m not sure we have any display of it anywhere. Mentors information is a bit more sensible as those volunteers are less stable in time and shouldn’t be used by parents as a way to get in touch.
      Out of curiosity, what kind of information would you be looking for If you were to see those profiles?


  • Happy to dive in.
    With ‘other’ I meant to separate the Ux ideas to get quicker to the data I want from these 2.
    I see where that dashboard idea would go, and I like it. For me as a user the current zen does not seem to use my role(champion) to expose the data relevant to me unless I explicitly navigate to it.

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