Coolest Projects Deadline Approaching!

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    There are only 2 weeks for people to register youths projects for:

    Coolest Projects offers young people involved in Dojos around the world the opportunity to present the projects they have created at their local club.

    alt text

    Take 10 minutes today to register young peoples projects involved in your Dojo to SAVE THEIR PLACE at the event.

    Remember you can register a project even if it isn’t finished and go back and edit details up to two weeks before the event if they change.

    Coolest Projects is is open to beginners as well as experienced participants. It’s all about the experience and learning gained from being involved, sharing and celebrating what children have created.

    Every ninja from your Dojo should be encouraged to participate and benefit from the experience.
    alt text

    If young people in your Dojo are unable to attend these events, they can still enter our #MyCoolestProject social media competion, where they can win a Pi Zero, stickers, badges, books and more. Find out more here!

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