Any recommended content for learning git & github

  • Hi folks,

    just wondering if anyone has any recent experience of getting (older?) ninjas into using git & github? I know there are some links in the kata someplace, but those links are from 2013 and don’t strike me as particularly accessible or eye catching enough to hold peoples attention.

    I joined Github for Education a year or so ago and so have the fantastic starter pack, but I wanted to know of any real wins people have had with other material, e.g. any short videos to get into git & github etc?


  • Replying to myself :D

    The Codecademy looks good:

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Depending on the level of Git you want to get into, it’s something I intend to create some content on for the web development side of things — create a repo and push a website to it to use GitHub pages for hosting. I think the next step after that would be to introduce a small collaborative project (a site for your Dojo maybe?) where we could show things like forking and merging pull requests.

    What aspects of Git are you particularly interested in addressing?

  • Hi @Philip-Harney I wanted an accessible intro to git itself and github too. The git course Codecedemy definitely ticks the first option.

    Have you used github education yourself yet? It’s great in that you can create a “classroom” and pull in a starter project from a repo, e.g. could be a skeleton github pages repo, or a python physical programming repo or wether that you create as a starter, and you then share that classroom with whoever and can then interact via the normal github process i.e. Pull Requests to review their work etc. I’m definitely going to do something with it, just need to sit down and get the time to create a first repo to use as the base.


  • @Philip-Harney I finally got around to finishing up a quick page for our dojo on git & github. The exercise is one I’ve based on Github’s classroom support so I’m keen to have that tested but one or two of our ninjas to see how they get on:

  • Docklands Dojo

    When I got started with GitHub myself it was either through Codecademy or FreeCodeCamp, and possibly GitHub’s own tutorials as well. Both pretty good! I think they’ve all had a few redesigns since mind you. I remember there was interactive exercises where they got you to e.g. create an issue before you could progress to the next step. Probably part of the classroom support you mentioned

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