Win a Pi Zero and more by sharing #MyCoolestProject

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    Last week we started a fun competition encouraging young people around the world to share what projects they are working on, to explain it, the challenges they overcame or advice for other young tech creators.

    Great, how do I get involved?

    To participate share a video, photos and text about the process of making your idea a reality using the hashtag #MyCoolestProject either on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

    >> Learn more here! <<

    This weeks winners!

    The first two winners to be randomly selected are:

    1. Vicky from Moldova, for her ‘Memory Journal’ project to help people with Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.
      alt text
      alt text
      alt text
      See her post here.

    2. Selina from Turkey, who has been busy building the frame, testing all the motors & sensors for her project which she will be showcasing in Ireland this May at Coolest Projects International!

    See her post here!

    Congratulations to you both, those are awesome projects! We will be sending out goodie bags to you this week! :D

    Looking forward to see more young people sharing their #MyCoolestProject and tips for others to be in with a chance of winning in the coming weeks!

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    Whoa, we’ve had lots of entries this week using #MyCoolestProject across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

    This weeks two winners are:

    1. Manik, 12 from who is involved with CoderDojo in Glasgow, Scotland, with his Scratch game Doom On The Broom EXTREAM. In his game, the witch and her assistant Gobo have been ambushed by an endless wave by monsters!

    The game can be played by two players or a single player using A and D to rotate the witches sidekick and the arrow keys to rotate the witch W and up arrow key to fire a fire ball. Manik has included lives in the game. You have 3 lives in total every time any one get hit by a monster(s) you lose a life.

    There are multiple monsters including ghosts, bats, dragons and many more . Each monster has been coded with its own movement pattern!

    Manik will be showcasing his finalised project at Coolest Projects UK in London on April 28th. Well done and we look forward to seeing your project on the day!

    alt text

    1. Lovis & Benjamin from ICT Scouts Dojo in Switzerland who are in the process of building a joystick-mouse using a makey makey, tin foil and crocodile clips which they’ve programmed to control their Kung Fu Panda vs. Tai Lung Scratch game!
      Well done you two!

    alt text
    alt text

    Be sure to keep tweeting, and posting what projects you or young people at your Dojo are making using #MyCoolestProject on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. You can now also add your scratch projects to the #MyCoolestProject studio on Scratch here!

    Lastly rememeber if you are planning on showcasing your project at Coolest Projects International (in Dublin, Ireland this May) or Coolest Projects UK (London on April 28) then register your projects ahead of the March 25th deadline!

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    Well done to Ramon and Pablo from CoderDojo Valencia in Spain who are finalising their project “MagicMirror” which uses a Raspberry Pi. They’re busy working on their project to have it completed by May 26 for Coolest Projects International!

    alt text

    Also congratulations to Nichita (13) from Moldova, who created this website about vegetarianism using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The website allows for people who are interested in learning more about being vegetarian can create an account and log in to recieve email updates of new posts and news on the website.

    alt text

    alt text

    Congratulations again! :D

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