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  • Hi I’m Evelyn Wong and new to CoderDojo. I’m setting up a new CoderDojo Club at our school so volunteering to be the “Champion” coordinator! We work with computers all the time so hoping to create technology rather than just using technology. No experience with coding but hope to learn with all the students at school!

  • Hi Evelyn,

    It’s great to hear that you are setting up a Dojo at your school!

    Regarding your concerns about not having familiarity with coding- not to worry! There are a number of things you can do to get up to speed:

    First off, It is possible for you and your team of volunteers to learn a little code, which you can then teach to your Ninjas! We have a wealth of free, comprehensive resources on our website including a basic introduction to Scratch, Python and Javascript among others. All of these resources are designed for beginner level and upwards. Many Champions and Mentors in our community familiarise themselves with these resources in advance of their Dojo to Beginner’s level and then apply this knowledge to their sessions. I would recommend starting off with Scratch, which is a fun, visual programming language! Naturally we appreciate that time is of the essence with our volunteer community, but you’d be surprised what you can pick up after a few short exercises! What we also find is that the young people progress very quickly and often end up teaching themselves (and each other) after a few sessions. You can find all of our online resources, including coding exercises, tutorials and guides for Champions/Mentors on our community resource platform, here.

    There are also some fun projects listed on the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s website, here.

    Another thing you can do is to actively seek Mentors with some knowledge of coding to support you in your Dojo. This can be an adult or indeed, a young person. Try asking around the parents or guardians of prospective Ninjas, some of them may already be keen to get involved, but aren’t sure how.

    The best thing to do when planning the content of a Dojo is to keep it quite simple in the beginning. It’s amazing what you can pick up after a few exercises. So I’m sure you will be fine :)

    Here is the page to the ‘Start a Dojo’ application for whenever you are ready:

    I will be here to help you with any support queries you may have :)


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