Registering as a charity or setting up a community bank account

  • Folks,

    our dojo is lucky in that we’ve a number of monitors and PCs provided by our hosts. A lot of the other equipment is being donated more or less by mentors and applying for the likes of free Raspberry Pi’s/Micro Bits when the CDF point us in the right direction.

    I’d like to be able to pivot from mentors providing the equipment to a more proactive model where we introduced some form of crowd funding or approached businesses for sponsorship (be good if they could do this as a tax write off) and then be able to get additional resources.

    As mentors, we’re reluctant really to take on the financial responsibility for that in many ways. I know some dojos basically will use the personal bank account of a mentor/champion, but I wanted to know if the CDF or RPF could provide any support for the process of registering for community bank accounts or registering as a charity (I don’t know if you need to register as charity before getting anywhere with banks)? I know this would be a difficult task considering the span of countries the coderdojo movement is in, but any advice for best practice (in Northern Ireland in particular :D) would be great.


    CDF = CoderDojo Foundation
    RPF = Raspberry Pi Foundation

  • @KramKroc

    not sure if you got an answer here

    What we ended up doing was creating a ‘club’ account with the local credit union. This means

    we have at least 3 mentors who have authority to use account.

    Any of the 3 can add to account.
    Need at least 2 signatures to withdraw.

    Requirement, need a agm,president,Secretary and finance officer to setup. It sounds more bureaucratic than it Advantage is no bank charges and peace of mind that money is looked after ‘properly’.

    While coderdojo are low reoccuring costs, they do exist and this is a way of dealing with this.

  • @Ivo-Brett a local credit union might well be the best approach. Did you need to show them any particular documented proof of AGM etc?

  • @KramKroc

    You do not have to show them documented proof. But it makes sense to drop in to credit union, ask about a suitable account for a club and the prerequesites will normally be spelled out in the application form.

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