Registering as a charity or setting up a community bank account

  • Folks,

    our dojo is lucky in that we’ve a number of monitors and PCs provided by our hosts. A lot of the other equipment is being donated more or less by mentors and applying for the likes of free Raspberry Pi’s/Micro Bits when the CDF point us in the right direction.

    I’d like to be able to pivot from mentors providing the equipment to a more proactive model where we introduced some form of crowd funding or approached businesses for sponsorship (be good if they could do this as a tax write off) and then be able to get additional resources.

    As mentors, we’re reluctant really to take on the financial responsibility for that in many ways. I know some dojos basically will use the personal bank account of a mentor/champion, but I wanted to know if the CDF or RPF could provide any support for the process of registering for community bank accounts or registering as a charity (I don’t know if you need to register as charity before getting anywhere with banks)? I know this would be a difficult task considering the span of countries the coderdojo movement is in, but any advice for best practice (in Northern Ireland in particular :D) would be great.


    CDF = CoderDojo Foundation
    RPF = Raspberry Pi Foundation

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