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    Are you going to Coolest Projects International?
    Early-Bird Tickets are now available to CoderDojo Community Members!

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  • @Nuala-McHale Hi, I noticed there’s a sentence that seemed to stop mid-way (and to my mind it needs to be called out earlier, to be clear that kids need to register on other site, but anyone who is accompanying them, i.e. their parents and any mentors, needs to book one of these Community tickets):

    Please Note: This is a ticket to attend Coolest Projects International on Saturday 26 May 2018. If you would like to register a project on behalf of a young person who wishes to present it at the event, you can

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    Hi @KramKroc thanks for the feedback. Sorry that was a typo in that specific post, which is now updated. We do have project registration linked in the pop up and included in the email people then receive when they book a ticket (see below). It definitely is useful feedback and we will add this in higher up in future communications.

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    alt text

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    Some people have been asking about tickets to Coolest Projects International this May. If tickets are included with registration? Do young people need a ticket? Do CoderDojo Mentors? Do parents or other adults?

    So to clarify any youth who registers a project doesn’t need a ticket, and additionally each project automatically covers one parent/guardian/adult to attend the event with those presenting.

    Anyone else, including younger/older siblings who aren’t presenting need to book a ticket. Tickets are free for those under 18, and will continue to be after the launch and up to the event.

    All adults attending (outside of the one person supervising project presenters) need tickets, these are currently free for Community members.

    Adults not involved in a CoderDojo, Code Club or other Raspberry Pi Foundation initiative (ie. the general public) need to purchase a ticket, these €11.5 general release tickets will go on sale from next week.

    So adults involved in Dojos should get their tickets asap if they are planning on attending, so they can avail of the early bird offer for Community members.

    Ticketing is important for us to secure we are meeting fire-safety standards and can plan accordingly for the event and all attending.

    Book your free Early-Bird Community Ticket >>here!<<

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