New to awarding badges.....if there a simpler way to award badges in bulk?

  • Hello, I am new to awarding the badges for our group and I would just like to ask if there a simpler and quicker method for this process, in light of adding the same badges to a number of ninjas at the same time. Thank you.

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    Hi Leanne,
    This is a known limitation. The reason for this is that “normally”, per the Open Badges specification, the “evidence” (the text entered which is supposed to validate the badge ( ) should be unique per person.
    When we’ll be able to link it directly to the sushi cards, we should be able to bypass those limitations as the evidence will be linked to a resource directly.

  • I’d like to argue that the need to enter proof is up to the champions and should be optional. Please don’t force usage patterns in the platform; rather suggest it.

    On this subject, please take this userstory:
    As a Champion-User I would like to award badges in the event management page where the current participants are listed; so I can combine the attendance checks with an accomplishment.

    suggestion to implement: In the line of the user I’d like to have a small (trophy icon?) ‘quick badge assign’ dropdown, allowing me to assign a badge quickly and instantly.

    Gold star award: Only populate the list of badges with the ones the user does not have, or show these as crossed out. This would prevent wrong assigning, and thus a better user experience.

  • @Remon-Van-Gijn Hi I’m the product manager here. To be honest I’d agree with everything you said basically!

    But we won’t have time to address essentially anything with badges in the coming months. However we will be gathering feedback over the next few months like this and deciding on what to do with badging later in the year.

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