What is the best approach to recruit a new mentor?

  • Hi all,
    I am a mentor myself in one of the Offices in Dublin, we will need one more mentor to help us in April and May, so I would like to know the best way to recruit a Technical Mentor? Do you have any suggestion?
    Thank you
    Thiago Farias

  • @Thiago-Silva-Farias

    Thanks for getting in touch. It’s great that you are looking for Mentors to join you at your Dojo in Dublin.

    Forums is a good place to post your request, as somebody in the Irish CoderDojo Community may be interested, or know of someone who is! You might also like to try putting the word out on Facebook, Twitter and the global Slack channel.

    We have a handy guide for searching for new Mentors here: http://kata.coderdojo.com/wiki/Find_Mentors_and_Volunteers

    It is definitely worth approaching local colleges and universities around Dublin and put out an open call with them, to recruit tech students. They may have their own Social Media channels also where they could post an ad for you. I’d also be happy to provide you with a template letter for potential Mentors, which explains a bit about CoderDojo and what’s involved in Mentoring :)

  • @Amy-O’Meara Thank you very much, your answer is really helpful. I will follow your recommendations and I am sure we will find someone after that ;)

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