Arabic translation of sushi cards

  • I just started the translation of scratch sushi cards for beginners, and I will continue translating sushi cards for all levels of Scratch. I need to know how to get the translation approved.

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    @Loay-Abdul-Mageed Hello Loay! :wave: How exciting! Thank you for giving your time to translate the learning resources. @Philip-Harney our Content lead will be able to fill you in on how to get your tranlations approved so that the Sushi cards are available for others to use and benefit from too in Arabic :)

  • @Nuala-McHale Hi Nuala, in fact I am dreaming of spreading the CoderDojo “concept” through out all the Arab region, and specially for “poor” people who do not have the opportunity to learn English or any language other than Arabic. I am welling to translate other documents, Scratch is just a scratch :-)

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    Hi @Loay-Abdul-Mageed! We will download and integrate the translation you’ve done in CrowdIn once you’re done and I’ll work on converting them myself. Arabic will be our first attempt at a right-to-left language, so there may be some issues with getting them laid out initially. I might need you to review my work!

    For languages other than Scratch have a different translation process and we use a piece of software to create them that does not presently support right-to-left languages. We are in the process of moving to a new tool that will, but that will take us a few months. That said, we’re happy to work with you on trying to use the existing templates to get the right translations in place, even if they do look a little odd on screen. Your best bet would be to join our Global Slack ( and message me for assistance there. I’ll be able to link you videos, answer questions and even do short calls if we need to!

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