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  • Hi - since you switched from Eventbrite, the event booking system does not work. I thought I had booked two tickets for the dojo in Richmond, London, on 27 January but my account says I have no bookings made. I received an email today telling me to book so I had tried again. But when I tried to book, the click box on the page did not respond
    Phil Thornton

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    @Phil-Thornton Hey Phil, sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for letting us know. @Conor-Murphy do you have an idea why this would have happened?

  • @Phil-Thornton hey Phil. I’m sorry this is happening. Can you give us some more details so we can track what is happening.

    1. What ticket type were you trying to book? It looks like they are nearly all sold out for that event.

    2. What click box did not respond? Would it be possible to send a whole screen screenshot so we can see which button/click box did not work for you?

  • Hi Conor,

    Many thanks for looking into this. You are right - it now says it is sold out (I had not noticed that earlier today) which may explain why the blue bottom does not click).

    It may be too late but just before Christmas when I got the first email from Richmond CoderDojo (24/12) the website worked to the extent that it allowed me to click through for the booking for myself and my son but did not send me a confirmation email (as happened with Eventbrite). That made go back into my account to check where I saw I had no bookings. I booked again but same drilll. After failing to book today, I have emailed the email at the venue on the booking form to ask if they have my name on a list and maybe I will get a reply.

    It’s not a big deal; it is simply that if I don’t know if I have a place I don’t want to take my 10yo on a two hour round trip for no reason.

    Screenshot below.


    Phil 0_1515520307449_upload-d284c821-4057-48b5-a539-f843038e0e63


  • Thanks for the information @Phil-Thornton.

    It looks like you haven’t booked a ticket for that event. You should have gotten an confirmation if you had booked. But if you email them directly they might have space

    But for the larger point we’re working on making these processes a lot easier to use over the next few months. We realise some of it can be confusing especially the first time or two. Thanks for your feedback and helpfulness and hopefully we can get things up to scratch soon!

  • Thanks Conor. Yes I was fairly sure the booking had not worked first time but wanted to have another go at least. I will see if they reply and, if not, I will look out for other dojos in London. Phil

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