Wait list for Events

  • We are trying out creating an event on the Zen. Is there a way to specify a wait list or does that kick in automatically after the specified quantity of tickets are over?

  • Hi Garima, Yes! The waiting list happens automatically as soon as the quantity of the tickets are over.

  • That’s great! Thank you!

  • Hi everybody, we need help with the creation of the waiting list.

    Our event has got 25 ninja tickets and 10 mentor tickets. Ninja tickets are sold out. . If I try to add another child to the event

    • there is no waiting list option
    • if however I press the “book” button, the page freezes with an ajax loading animation

    How can I open a waiting list? If someone turns down his ticket, will the first child in the waiting list be “upgraded” to the approved tickets?


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    @Federica-Triglia Hi Fredrica, there was a discussion about this on another thread (which you can see here) in that thread I included a screen recording of a solution, whereby you create a number of waitlist ninja tickets.

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