Remove "Volunteer as Champion" Button

  • Is it possible to remove the Volunteer as Champion Button?

    Non-technical individuals want to volunteer, so they hit “Champion” instead.

  • Hi Amy

    Thanks for getting in touch about that issue.

    That is a very valid point and thanks for flagging that with us. It’s great for us to hear about features that our community are having problems with, so that we can improve them! I have passed your feedback on to my colleague who is working on the re-designs for Zen and there should be a number of developments made in the new year to improve the experience of Mentors and Champions.

    In the meantime, you can help point any potential volunteers in your local community in the right direction by explaining a little of the CoderDojo lingo to them and by letting them know the role that Mentors play.

    I’m glad to hear that you have interest from potential Mentors and best of luck with your upcoming Dojos!

    All the best


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