Certificate of Insurance?

  • My company is willing to let me host a coder dojo here but they are asking for a certificate of insurance. Is that something that can be provided?

    Thank you!

  • Hi Cindy

    Thanks for getting in touch. It’s great that you are interested in starting a Dojo!

    In most cases the building insurance of most locations should cover you, but occasionally some companies and venues require a Dojo to have their own public liability insurance. It might be good to consult the company’s legal department for advice on your ninjas’ ages and insurance requirements for children, as they sometimes vary. You are allowed to engage in fundraising for your Dojo to cover unavoidable costs such as insurance.

    If you need to provide a document which outlines the ethics and regulations of the CoderDojo ethos, that can also be found here: http://kata.coderdojo.com/wiki/CoderDojo_Charter_of_Ethics

    If they need any further evidence of your club, once you have gone through the Start a Dojo process and have been verified, I would also be able to provide you with a letter to confirm the integrity of your Dojo.

    I hope this helps Cindy!

    Best wishes,

    Amy :)

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