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    We have a number of rasberryPis in our dojo however we do not have screens/keyboards etc to connect them to so we haven’t been really utilising them. We were looking at getting some touchscreens like these http://www.altronics.com.au/p/z6309-raspberry-pi-official-7-inch-touchscreen-display/ or something similar as they are easy to connect to the rasberryPis and easy to store away between our sessions (less awkward to assemble than monitors before each session). Have you had any experience with the rasberryPis + touchscreens? How do you use the rasberryPis in your dojos?

    Thanks in Advance - appreciate any comments/suggestions!


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    @Alicja-Cwierz Hi there, I haven’t seen any Dojos using these. Usually when using Raspberry Pis we set up a table in our Dojo with 5ive monitors, 5 keyboards and 5 mouses and Ninjas use them to do Sonic pi projects. I’ve also seen Dojos using them to help older kids move on from Scratch into hardware as you can program LEDs and more using Scratch with it.
    Some Dojos use Raspberry pis hooked up to television monitors.
    Other ideas are the Pi-top CEEDs which i’ve seen in a few Dojos. They still require keyboards and a mouse to use though so it mightn’t be ideal for what you are looking for. However they are easier to store than traditional monitors and require no set up work like the touchscreen you mention.

    If it’s a cost issue, it could be relatively easy to get second-hand monitors, keyboards and mouses from companies, schools or even families in your locality who aren’t using them anymore or have upgraded.
    Storage can be a hindrance to some Dojos, particularly those who operate out of particular venues. Have you asked the venue about the possibility of storing a box of resources between Dojos?

    If anyone else has tried these touch screens it would be great to hear how you got on or if you have any other suggestions :)

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