Nominate Inspirational Women & Girls from your Dojo [before Nov 3rd]

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    Is there a girl or woman in your Dojo demonstrating, promoting and/or actually increasing:
    -digital skills among girls and women
    -participation of girls and women in digital studies and careers
    -and/or use of digital skills and know-how for the benefit of society

    The Deadline for Nominations of Digital Girl and Digital Woman of the year awards is this Friday November 3rd.

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    Did you know CoderDojo Ninjas Lauren Boyle and Niamh Scanlon were named Digital Girl of the year for 2014 and 2015. :) :clap_tone2:

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    Reminder that this closes tomorrow at 6pm CET (which is 5pm GMT). So if you know any girl at your Dojo who you feel fits the criteria in any of these age categories:

    • 10 years and under;
    • 11-to-14 years old; and
    • 15-to-17 years old

    Please get their nominations in asap, or if you or another female Champion or mentor at your Dojo qualify, nominate yourself or a woman from your Dojo for the Digital Woman of the year award.

    I have met and talked to so many inspirational women and girls involved in creating amazing things with technology and supporting girls to do the same in Dojo’s around Europe. So please don’t hesitate to apply or nominate someone else!
    I think you are all amazing! :)
    @Gisela-Rossi @Wendy @Margaret-Kennedy @Gemma-Cagney @Michael-Madden @Brian-Matthews @Christian-Vermeulen @Bettina @Claire-Quigley @Sarah-Doran @Pete-Gegen @Peter-Giles-Dudley-Wolf @Lisa-Evelyn-Rombout

  • CoderDojo Foundation

    Did you hear? All six girls who were named ‘Digital Girl of the Year’ in their age category were involved in their local CoderDojo club!

    MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to Helena Staple, Zara Ilyas, Ruby Scott Kenny, Aoibheann Mangan, Charlotte Johnson and Maeve Galvin, who were presented with their awards recognising their work learning coding skills as well as supporting other girls to realise their creative tech potential!

    Role models, whether they be parents, guardians, Mentors, Champions, fellow Ninjas or peers are so important in supporting and paving the way for more tech creators to follow. We want to congratulate not only all the amazing girls, women and organisations that were finalists and won Ada Awards, but also all those who have given their time and energy to supporting them to achieve these awards. :clap_tone2:

    See the full blog here!

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